“No, We Won’t Be Shaken…”

I was able to finish the race. I quickly moved through the finish line, because I do not like crowds. I grabbed my medal and some food and then started making my way to the buses to get my checked bag.

As soon as I got my bag I called my husband Adam. He had been tracking me and knew I’d finished. I then called my Mom who was waiting on me in the hotel room.

I answered a few text messages from friends and began to make my way to my hotel. I stopped and asked a volunteer which way to my hotel, because I have a horrible sense of direction. I was going in the correct direction, though. A few minutes passed and then I heard a very loud noise from behind me. I thought to myself, “That doesn’t sound good.” I kept moving and then heard another loud noise. I knew at that point it had to be a bomb, a horrible sound I hope I never hear again.

I began to pray. I called Adam and my Mom and told them I was OK, and would be at the hotel in a few minutes. At this point, people were crying, running toward the finish line. Policemen were trying to get to finish line, too. I overheard a volunteer say a bomb went off at the finish line. My heart just sank! I then started running to the hotel. As I enter the prudential center the vendors are closing down. I overheard one vendor say they were evacuating the Prudential Center.

I kept moving and finally reached the Sheraton. My Mom was waiting on me with fear in her eyes. My phone and her phone started going crazy with people checking on me and my friends. I knew several of my friends had already finished, but a few I had not heard from. I was worried sick! It wasn’t too long, though, before I learned everyone who I knew who had run was OK. I was very thankful and relieved for that information.

It is difficult to put into words how I feel about the bombing. My heart just hurts so badly for the innocent victims. I am so thankful that I returned home to my family unharmed.

On my way to work this morning a song came on the radio that was very fitting. I don’t know the name of it but a few of the lyrics are: “We won’t be shaken… We will trust in You…No, we won’t be shaken”. I will not live in fear due to this event. God protected me and my friends. He brought each of us home. I’m just so thankful and blessed beyond measure.

Tanya Collum
Russellville, Alabama
April 15, 2013
Age – 38
Bib # 16532