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A short stint as a professional boxer prevented Reverand O’Neil Shannon from wearing a number as an official race entrant. Rev. Shannon was featured in a short documentary film on the 1964 race.


Collage R42 Westman
After attending Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Allen Westman earned his B.S. degree in 1977 from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He is a big Tina Turner fan. Allen is shown here with Jill Beardsley and his long time friend Dick at the Dick Beardsley Half Marathon and 5K in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. (Nick DeWolf Photo)


1975 Streakers

Thomas F. Homeyer (D88, in the center of the line just behind #U96 C. J. Perry) of Camillus NY will finish in 2:49:50. He will continue to run Boston for four straight decades. (Nick DeWolf Photo)
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Click here for the article of the Iron Man of the Boston Marathon.

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Running means never having to say you’re sorry: It’s hard to say how often the author of “Love Story” ran the Boston Marathon, but Erich Segal seems to have recorded his best performance in 1964 when he placed 63rd in 2:56:30.

“He was just one of the guys back then,” recalls runner/ writer Hal Higdon. “We all knew each other, there were so few of us. He stuck out a little more than some because he was a Harvard professor.”

Here are links to a tribute to an Everyman runner by Amby Burfoot, and the official Erich Segal website : “For me running is a spiritual affirmation.”


PicMonkey Wayne Roe
Wayne Roe is Managing Director for InCube Ventures, a life science venture firm focused on investing in and nurturing promising life sciences companies. The company’s mission is to identify extraordinary innovations that solve unmet clinical needs for large patient populations, and help bring those innovations to market. [Nick DeWolf Photo]
PicMonkey Collage #535
Austrian born Hans Roenau grew up in Shanghai before settling near San Francisco. In later life, digital photography and hiking replaced long distance running as his passion. Hans described himself as a vegetarian, an extrovert, and someone who doesn’t take life terribly seriously. However, a month before his death, he posted this reaction to the 2013 marathon bombing. (Nick DeWolf Photo)

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Peter Stripe Hopkinton MA 2 24 19 50th
26.2 Miles from Home: Hopkinton resident Peter Stripe is assisted by a volunteer aide after finishing 50th in a time of 2:24:19 (BAA Photo).