The Inferno

To race in the Boston Marathon, you need to run a qualifying marathon faster than a “qualifying time” which depends on your sex and your age (unless you agree to raise lots of money for approved charities). I just squeaked in with a qualifying time, so of course I had to race it. My goal […]

Boston #2: “Do not anticipate trouble… Keep in the sunlight.”

Running through Natick I was thinking about last year. Mile 10 was when I faced the first major downpour. Guess what happened at when I passed the mile 10 sign this year? The sun came out! Happy Jen. Jen Skiba Mashpee, Massachusetts April 15, 2019 Age – 33 Bib # 15097 3:40:56   [After contending […]

My Boston Marathon True Story & Other Lies

“One of the few other parts of the race I remember clearly is running up Heartbreak Hill. I looked up and literally couldn’t see where I was supposed to run. The hot weather brought out everyone with their BBQ’s and beer and obviously crowd control wasn’t a high priority… “Luckily, a motor cycle cop came […]

“Not just anyone can run in the Boston Marathon.” (signed) Mom & Dad

What happens on the third Monday in April in Boston? Ask a Bostonian and they’ll say it’s Patriot’s Day. Ask any runner and they’ll tell you it’s the day of the Boston Marathon, the granddaddy of all marathons. One day in 1997 while on a run, my friend Miles and I were talking about Boston […]

Smiles and tears of pure happiness: Positively!

Being a “slower” runner means your own private finish line & a kick ass photo! Someone told me to run right down the middle of Boylston if I wanted the perfect finish line photo. I’m so glad I did! My first marathon, and all my photos are magical. (I’m absolutely working on speed, but when […]

1st, 2nd, and 358th place for the USA

First, a little background: My so-called road racing career began in fits and starts; but the initial date is easy to pin down: the day I read an article in the June 01, 1964, issue of Sports Illustrated about American expatriate Buddy Edelen. Unnoticed by most Americans, Edelen had run the first- and third-fastest marathons […]

“Just go straight up the stairs to the right.”

In 1982, I was 25 years old. I qualified for The Boston Marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December of 1981, with a time of 3:05. (I had run one marathon before White Rock, the New Orleans Marathon, also in 1981.) When I received my results booklet after Dallas (these printed results came […]

The Happy Swallow

It all started several years earlier when I read an article in one of the Boston newspapers about how patrons of The Happy Swallow bar in Framingham would cheer wildly for the first marathon runner to come off the course near Mile 7 and enter the bar. Then the owner would give that runner a […]

#1993 in 1993: Making Your Will Exceed Your Skill

Ah, Boston on Patriot’s Day… You can see most anything, like that man on stilts I caught on camera next to Fenway. The morning begins with the Marathon way out of town, even beyond Ashland, and certainly a long way from the Prudential Center. And then at 11:00am there is the annual Patriot’s Day game— […]

I PRed! I had food poisoning the night before, too.

Once on Boylston, I tossed my sunglasses. After racing with them all morning, it felt like seeing the world in technicolor. The sky was bright blue, the buildings were glowing and I was just SO grateful as I crossed the finish line. I cried a little, but mostly just laughed and couldn’t stop smiling. Terilyn […]

A Year Like No Other

As I rode the bus from the Boston Common out the starting line for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon on the third Monday in April 2014, I thought how this journey had actually begun a full eight years earlier. I ran my first Boston Marathon in 2007, having qualified the prior May in […]

From Chasing the Family Station Wagon to the Quarter Century Club

My eleven siblings and I were raised on a dairy farm in Reedsville, Wisconsin, by awesome, hard-working parents. Quite often instead of us taking the bus home, our Mom or Pa would pick us up from school in our old Ford station wagon, so we could get milking chores started earlier. In 1964 when I was […]