The weather was brutal. I don’t remember ever being so cold

Weather-wise this was one of the most miserable experiences of my life, but at the same time, Boston 2015 was one of the best experiences of my life. But before talking about race day, what a great weekend it was in Boston! So much to do, no doubt about it, though we didn’t do or […]

“Plan your run, and run your plan”

The Boston Marathon was everything I hoped it would be. Well, it would have been nice if the weather was a little better. But, hey….the weather could have been much worse. The temperatures were actually nice (started in upper 30’s and stayed in 40’s). However, there was a strong headwind (gusts up to 37 mph) […]

735 Days

Two weeks after the 2015 Boston Marathon, I am finally finished with my thoughts about the entire experience. Those of you who know me are aware of the emotional challenge these last two years have been. They, of course, pale in comparison to the pain and heartache countless families have had to deal with in […]

Quinn Strong: Running with the power of purpose

I didn’t choose to go blind. But the choice I made after going blind, that’s what defines my life. On a cold, gray April day, running into a headwind and then steady rain, this choice led me to the hilly, grueling Boston course. Here, on this most unlikely day, I beat my previous personal marathon […]

A second chance to be someone special

The question I get asked more than anything is “why do you run?” I am sure as runners we have all had that question asked a million times. It’s a basic question, but I don’t think anyone can give a simple answer. In my case it is definitely not an easy answer. I started running […]

I might have gotten a tear in my eye, but it was probably rain

Race day came and once again it was a long wait at the Vision Center before our 11:15 start. I am once again guiding for Rachel Weeks, a visually impaired runner from South Carolina. We are lucky the VI athletes and guides have the Center as a place to congregate before the race. It is […]

Then the rain moved out though, and spirits picked up again

Can’t believe how my third Boston unfolded for me. Through training, I was targeting a 3:05. We got in to Boston Saturday around lunchtime, and by that night I was starting to feel lousy. I hoped it was just allergies and that I wasn’t getting sick. I didn’t feel that much better through Sunday, and […]