Hearing “wicked ‘stache, bro!” a thousand times

I must have heard “wicked ‘stache, bro!” a thousand times, or “killer ‘stache,” “love your ‘stache, “Go Pre!” etc. Which is, as my good friend Eric Senseman confirmed, “The Dream.” Well, the dream for anyone who loves mustaches. I grew up wanting a mustache my whole life, probably due to some combination of admiration for […]

The weather was brutal. I don’t remember ever being so cold

Weather-wise this was one of the most miserable experiences of my life, but at the same time, Boston 2015 was one of the best experiences of my life. But before talking about race day, what a great weekend it was in Boston! So much to do, no doubt about it, though we didn’t do or […]

A Finisher’s Medal and a Cowbell

In 2010 , like my now husband Brian, I came home from the Boston Marathon with a finisher’s medal. A year later? A cowbell. Okay, maybe I am simplifying things just a bit. The previous year, with Brian running with me, I also came home with more respect than ever for the toll a marathon […]

A second chance to be someone special

The question I get asked more than anything is “why do you run?” I am sure as runners we have all had that question asked a million times. It’s a basic question, but I don’t think anyone can give a simple answer. In my case it is definitely not an easy answer. I started running […]

A Spot on the Second Row

There are days when everything just seems to fall in place. For me, Monday, April 21, 1975, was one such day, although there was a good bit of worrying on my part as it was unfolding. After the debacle that was my first Boston race, I bounced back pretty quickly. Six weeks later I was […]

Easier than hunting game in Zimbabwe…

I would consider myself a rookie compared to many other guys and gals on this site, but I’ll tell my story as well. Boston was only my second marathon. I had qualified with my first 26.2 mile race, even though barely making it in after running a 3:09:50! But for Boston, I had set a […]

#863 at the Start, # 865 at the End

The first time I ran Boston was back in 2013, and I was 28 at the time. I had a qualifying time of 2:46:46 when I ran the Kona Marathon on June 24, 2012. I then ran a marathon on October 7th in Findlay, Ohio, called Red, White, and Blue 26.2, which I also won […]

Nothing in my life will ever come close to this marathon!

“So, how was Boston?” I have been asked that question by just about everyone since we got back home from Massachusetts. It only makes sense. I had not run Boston since 2008. Outside of the Marine Corps Marathon and the Walt Disney Marathon, I had done nothing under the current 3:05 qualifying standard. I registered […]

Taking part in the most important marathon of the century

Below is the account of my journey to qualify to run my very first Boston Marathon. I was so excited by my first qualifying time in the spring of 2013 that I completed five more marathons before the year was over. In November at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, I got my marathon time down to […]

Give This Man a Medal!

[Our thanks to Pat Cook of Middlesex Community College for sharing his story of a 2013 marathon hero.] This is a story about my friend and fellow “E Streeter,” Lowell Massachusetts Police Officer Nick Laganas, and his first Boston Marathon. Nick and I are part of the PT team at the Lowell Police Academy that […]

Keep Calm and Marath-On

Preparation: Here we are… After a long time coming, the Boston Marathon is finally only a week away. For those of you starting to get worn down by the constant talk of it from us deranged people who find these kinds of things fun, just bear with us: it’s almost all over! Without a single […]