“Run with endurance the race set before us…”

On Sunday night before THE MARATHON, I set the alarm in the hotel for 5:20 eastern time, got a wake up call, and set the alarm on my BlackBerry. I slept surprisingly well…. But I still woke before five (which is before four at home). I meticulously set out all my gear on Sunday night. […]

“I love Boston, Boston loves me”

My first Boston was in 1997. I had tried hard to qualify so I could run the 100th anniversary Boston Marathon in 1996. I did three marathons in December 1995, trying to qualify, and missed by several minutes each time. The final attempt was the “Last Chance Marathon” in Tampa, a one-time marathon set up […]

“What an experience!” With 38,707 other runners for the 100th race!

I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 1992. That race started me on an addiction that would last through 17 marathons over five years. I was never a speed demon, so the marathon seemed to be my race. Everybody who runs a marathon dreams of qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon. I was […]