Left or right? A seemingly minor decision leads me away from danger

[In 2013, David Meier cruised through his fourth consecutive Boston Marathon in 3:23:10, finishing in the upper half of his age group. He offers an introspective look at what happened next on his website www.brokentoenails.com.] Left or right? That was the choice we faced as we exited the Westin Copley Square that beautiful April afternoon. […]

Back at the hotel, our phones went wild!

My new boss called me on Monday evening to make sure I was OK. After I told him Kathy and I were not harmed or immediately affected by the blasts, he left me with a final statement/ directive that really took a while to sink in. He said, “Be sure to look after the Mrs. […]

Record Hot Weather Provides A Different Experience

If you ever wonder how weather affects people’s moods, look no further than the 2012 Boston Marathon. For those not aware, Marathon Monday in 2012 was one of the hottest on record with temperatures near 90 degrees by the end of the race. If you’re a tourist, this beach-like weather was a real treat, since […]

I mean I only had nine seconds to spare…

Running the Boston Marathon was not my goal as a runner. I didn’t start running with that on my mind. I was a tri-athlete in 2008 and had completed several sprints triathlons, Olympics, and one half Ironman. I wanted to do a full Ironman before the age of 50. To do that, I had to […]