Running down Beacon towards Kendall, I was sure I would really make it…

The 2013 Boston Marathon was my first marathon. I got a bib at the last minute (about a month before) to run on the Team with a Vision, which supports the Massachusetts Association for the Blind. Luckily, I had been in training mode since December for a marathon that I didn’t make. Before Boston 2013, […]

Keep Calm and Marath-On

Preparation: Here we are… After a long time coming, the Boston Marathon is finally only a week away. For those of you starting to get worn down by the constant talk of it from us deranged people who find these kinds of things fun, just bear with us: it’s almost all over! Without a single […]

I was there. I should write something

I was there. I should write something. I was there at the start when the air was alive with energy and anticipation. I was there when runners who prepared for months nervously counted down to the start of the race. I was there when it was a perfect day for running 26.2 miles, fueled by […]

A lifetime’s worth of tragedy in the span of 20 minutes

Accompanied by cooler temperatures, race day started with promise and enthusiasm. The starting line was abuzz with talk of PR’s and possible personal Boston bests. A trend of new PR’s was also evidenced by the too-many-to-count runners who scanned their wristwatches while covering the last five miles. I crossed the finish line at 2:45 pm […]

There was one more person I met that day who helped get me through it

My first and only marathon happened on April 15th, 2013. Boston had been a goal of mine since graduating from the University of Delaware in 2008. I had lived in Somerville, Massachusetts, ever since then, and seeing 25,000 people running the streets of Boston with hundreds of thousands cheering them on was an experience I […]

Dancer in a Heat Wave: Pain, Agony, and Distress on the Road to Boston

When I first set out with the intention of running the Boston Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of my dear grandfather, I had some idea of the challenges I would face in my training and fundraising. Some, but not all. Let’s just say the next time a dancer tells you she wants to […]