The downhill start made it easy and all the fast runners made me go faster than I should: I went completely out of pace

I think my brain was kinda like “I think I can, I think I can, choo choo!” It’s funny how when you run downhill for several miles, even the flat path feels like a wall. Luckily around mile 15, there were a nice steep downhill right before the heart attack hills started (aka the Newton Hills), to bring myconfidence up just before punching me in the gut. Last time I met these hills was a year ago in 2012. Funny how I forgot how painful they could be! Heartbreak Hill didn’t break me. That famous point was all the way ahead at mile 20. It was the first two bumps that did the job, way before Heartbreak instead. By mile 18, I couldn’t lift my legs. They felt like lead. I was munching on Chomp gummies hoping the sugar will help, but eating was the last thing I wanted to do…

Liana Kolodenker
Malden, Massachusetts
April 15, 2013
Age – 26
Bib # 11075

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