Smiles and tears of pure happiness: Positively!

Being a “slower” runner means your own private finish line & a kick ass photo! Someone told me to run right down the middle of Boylston if I wanted the perfect finish line photo. I’m so glad I did! My first marathon, and all my photos are magical. (I’m absolutely working on speed, but when I have my moments of wishing I were faster, I try to look at the positive!)


A special one-miler on the one year anniversary of 2013 inspired me to get into running. I ran for my dear friend who was a survivor of the Boston bombings. I couldn’t even run the entire mile without stopping. Afterwards, I felt inspired, but then it took another four years for me to truly start. I had played sports, but never ran more than a mile in my life! So, beginning in the fall of 2018, I went from couch to marathon.


I ran Boston 2019 at an extremely slow pace. Once I hit Natick I absolutely knew it was going to be a tough run for me. I had much better training runs, but that day was just not my day; so I decided to just enjoy it and never quit. I high-fived everyone. I read all the signs in Wellesley. I danced a little on the Newton Hills. I decided to turn the race into a party. I would have loved to have raced it right, but my body had different plans! So my mind took over and I just had fun; and now looking back, I am so glad I did! I took it all in and enjoyed the run so very much. It was my first — and certainly a memorable one.


Completing Boston 2019 changed my life, and I haven’t stopped running since. My heart has been so invested. I’m very much still in the learning phase, but I’ve come a long way. I have some high goals in spite of pandemic delays, not to mention an unfortunate running injury (perhaps that second setback was well timed?).


Boston is so much more than just elites and speed. I can’t wait to run down Boylston Street again: With that same smile. The same incredible crowd. On that special April day.


Melissa Belovich
Boston, Massachusetts
Age – 32
Bib # 28471

My most favorite medal of them all: the race that inspired me to start.
Tears, pain, happiness: I was sooo dizzy at this point, but this photo makes me smile, as it shows how strong we really are!!!
My Boston finish smile.