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Boston Marathon Stories

From BQ to Boylston: My First Boston

From BQ to Boylston:
My First Boston

Although they are all 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) in length, no two initial trips from Hopkinton to Boston are exactly alike. We love to hear runners tell what made their initial race unique…

We Love Collecting Old Boston Stories

Although we love all Boston Stories, we are especially fond of tales of the early days. Before timing chips. Before prize money. Before the turn of the century…


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Boston Marathon Stories

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We want to be a clearing house for Boston memories. Here are some of our favorite links, starting with Michelle Lewis's Official Music Video for "Run Run Run"

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We are runners whose love of the Boston Marathon spans a half century. BL had its beginning in 2013, 3/4 of a mile from the finish line on a tragic day when every runner had a story to tell.

Boston Marathon Stories

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"I can still see the eight year old's grubby fist opening as if in slow motion to reveal the offering he had for me: a single red grape..."
Unattractive race pictures or not, when I’m 88, I will look back upon these memories and remember when I was young, fit, and did hard stuff!
Ferdy and Anna created some amazing pictures of me and my companions. Huge thanks!
"I'm America's good luck charm: Every time I run Boston, an American wins!"

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