The idea for Bostonlog sprang from the chaos erupting at the 4:09:43 mark of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Kenneth Williams was one of the first of many runners to be stopped that day on Commonwealth Avenue, just a kilometer short of the finish line.

In the hours and days following the terror and confusion of that infamous bombing, Kenneth shared his post-race experience with friends, relatives, the media, and most importantly, with many fellow runners. He realized all the first person accounts he heard needed to be preserved. He envisioned a website where that could happen.

But over the next few months, Kenneth’s goal grew well beyond recording stories of runners caught up in the tragic 2013 event. He understood every runner who has ever completed the foot-journey from Hopkinton to Boston appreciates the special quality of the race, and each has a story that needs recording.

The mission for  Bostonlog is to serve as a repository for the memories of all people who have run those 26.2 miles, and to make their stories accessible to millions of people world-wide who want to read about courage, dedication and perseverance…

The BostonLog Team

Kenneth Williams - Founder

Kenneth ran his first marathon in Chicago in 1978, and has completed over five dozen marathons since then, both in the U.S. and overseas. He first ran Boston in 1991, then began a consecutive streak in 2003 he continues until today.

Kenneth is a certified running coach (charging no fee), and a few years ago ran the full 400 mile length of Mississippi, speaking with more than 10,000 school kids along the way about exercise and health, while raising $112,500 for fitness at Boys and Girls Clubs in the state.

“I was looking for a way to ‘give back’ to my favorite race. Bostonlog is a labor of love, where the wonderful stories from runners of the Boston Marathon from all years, could be shared with others. I invite all Boston finishers to join me in this effort.”

Woody Harrell -
Editor and part time Curmudgeon

Woody is responsible for the website, where your stories are archived. Woody’s initial marathon career spanned a five year period during the mid ‘70s, and included two trips to Boston, where he famously outran Bill Rodgers in 1973. After retiring as a Park Ranger in 2012, Woody and his wife Cynthia completed a 2,184.2 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. The restorative powers of all that walking  overcame a number of old running injuries, and allowed him to once again run Boston in 2014. Woody is “America’s Goodluck Charm,” as every Boston Marathon he has run has produced an American winner. Woody was named Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1966.

Mona Lisa Grady – Chief Troubleshooter,
Problem Solver, and Tie Breaker

Mona Lisa has been involved with BostonLog since its inception, serving as “guest Tweeter” for Founder Kenneth Williams (@MarathonKoach), relaying messages received via his cell phone during and after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. She also helped with @BostonLog as it “trended” during the 2014 Marathon.

Mona Lisa is Race Director/Coordinator for the 1500 runner Corinth Coca-Cola Classic, Mississippi’s largest 10k race. She also works as the Director of the local Community Foundation and several other non-profit projects in Alcorn County.  “Service” seems to be her middle name as Mona Lisa constantly does volunteer work for church, civic, and educational endeavors in her community, especially when her children are involved.

Mona Lisa and husband Ned, both graduates of Mississippi State University, have two sons to whom they are deeply devoted.

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