I PRed! I had food poisoning the night before, too.

Once on Boylston, I tossed my sunglasses. After racing with them all morning, it felt like seeing the world in technicolor. The sky was bright blue, the buildings were glowing and I was just SO grateful as I crossed the finish line.

I cried a little, but mostly just laughed and couldn’t stop smiling.

Terilyn Adams
Winston Salem, North Carolina
April 15, 2019
Age – 34
Bib # 15456

Before abandoning sunglasses.




For over a dozen years, Teri Hutcheon Adams has been the founder, blogger, and writer behind the popular A Foodie Stays Fit! She’s been a runner even longer than that. Her blog on the 2019 Boston shares advice on a number of topics, as well as provides a detailed story of her PR race.




Terilyn Hutcheon
Winston Salem, North Carolina
April 16, 2018
Age – 33
Bib # 16012