Warm Race; Secret Strategy

Running marathons, I never had a great day on a good course in good weather. Of my two fastest races, one was plagued by heat and the other by rain and a sloppy track. But certainly of these two races, Boston 1973 was my best marathon effort. In the late 1960s, I was in the […]

Andrea looked over at me and said “What a view we have!”

If you had asked me in early March if I was going to be running the Boston Marathon, I would have replied with a “maybe.” Because of a minor four week setback with my calf, at that point my training was not near where I had planned to be. I was running again, but with […]

“Though in a crowd of stunned runners and spectators, I felt alone”

After months of training, my wife and I had arrived at the marathon event of the year, the 2013 Boston Marathon. We started together in Wave 3, Corral 6, running for an American Medical Athletic Association charity. In four hours our day would drastically change. A knee injury forced me to slow my pace and […]

It’s only after you tell yourself you can’t that it becomes true.

Running in the elite women’s start—an opportunity I’ve never had before—was one of the things that made me most eager to run Boston again, despite the poor buildup… There is an obvious downside to a women’s-only start: with only about sixty women and obviously no men, you may find yourself alone pretty early. At Pittsburgh […]

Something to Remember when I’m 88

The Boston Marathon experience is, for the serious runner, the ultimate rush of emotions… excitement, fear, pride, and for first-timers, overwhelming. My first Boston experience is a memory I will hold onto for the rest of my years. I began running in my 30s and quickly became inspired by the challenge of distance running. I […]

Six Years as “The Flying Parson”

Although I was more of a plugger and a plodder than a natural speedster, from an early age I always enjoyed long distance running. While in college during the mid 1960s, I ran cross country for North Carolina State University. However, my first experience running in, or even seeing, a marathon was a new event […]

Ode to the 121st Boston Marathon ♥

Because there’s no way I could describe what it was like to experience Boston, I won’t even try. Instead, I’m just going to say “Thank You.” Thank you to mother nature for providing a day that was, though not ideal for runners, perfect for spectators and volunteers. Thank you to the Boston Police Department for […]

“I don’t know if I want to get off the bus.”

“A little bit of rain. A little bit of wind…” [After navigating through some of the toughest conditions the race has ever seen, Jolie Hales posted this video which captures the true feel of her first experience running the Boston Marathon.] Jolie Hales Age – 36 Tustin, California Bib # 18450 4:43:08

The Inferno

To race in the Boston Marathon, you need to run a qualifying marathon faster than a “qualifying time” which depends on your sex and your age (unless you agree to raise lots of money for approved charities). I just squeaked in with a qualifying time, so of course I had to race it. My goal […]