At Mile 23: “Come on, Stay strong just a little longer.”

We took the family on a road trip to Boston trying to make running the Marathon into a family vacation. We headed out Friday morning for eight hours of driving towards New York. Just the day before I had run with my son’s cross country team and had tweaked my knee. That was my first […]

Thirsty and sweating before we even began.

2016 was my fifth consecutive Boston Marathon. Despite a training season peppered with injury, and being only one week post-flu, I was excited to be in Boston and felt ready to run. The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of women in the Boston Marathon along with the 120th Anniversary year made this year feel extra […]

Three hours in the company of Angels

For several days after running the Boston Marathon, my emotions were still high, but nothing like the morning waking up to that day. I was overpowered by intense emotion when I woke up on Monday, Patriots’ Day. I was struggling to keep my focus being bound by all these extreme and binding feelings. Some of the emotions […]

With the heat, my only goal was to finish with a smile on my face

Growing up, running had always been my passion. Something I truly enjoyed, and something I seemed to be good at. Running doesn’t discriminate. There are no “cuts” from the team, you don’t have to be a certain height or weight, and anyone is welcome. As a runner, it is hard to explain to a “non-runner” […]

I was trapped in the middle of two exploding bombs

This is my real life story. I’ve never been so excited, so nervous, so overwhelmed as I was to be able to run the Boston Marathon, especially after having my baby just 3 ½ months earlier. I was so proud I could share this experience with my mom, dad, husband, and my beautiful baby boy […]