Three hours in the company of Angels

For several days after running the Boston Marathon, my emotions were still high, but nothing like the morning waking up to that day. I was overpowered by intense emotion when I woke up on Monday, Patriots’ Day. I was struggling to keep my focus being bound by all these extreme and binding feelings. Some of the emotions […]

A Tongue-in-Cheek Critique

My first Boston Marathon experience was a major letdown. A drag. An abysmal weekend. Never has a marathon been talked up as much as Boston has. Ever. I’ve been reading race reports and articles about Boston for years and it’s always “Boston is great. The food is awesome. The fans are wonderful. The atmosphere is […]

A Finisher’s Medal and a Cowbell

In 2010 , like my now husband Brian, I came home from the Boston Marathon with a finisher’s medal. A year later? A cowbell. Okay, maybe I am simplifying things just a bit. The previous year, with Brian running with me, I also came home with more respect than ever for the toll a marathon […]

A Tale of Two Bostons

My Boston story begins in 2008 when I ran my first marathon, although the description “run” is probably an over simplification: I ran, walked, hobbled, limped, and finally finished in 4:46. I could have checked marathons off my bucket list and moved on to something else, but I was annoyed with myself. I decided to […]

In life, enduring pain often leads to the sweetest moments

In 2009 when I decided to run my first marathon, my goal from the start was to see if I could qualify for the Boston Marathon. Boston is the dream for so many people, because it is legendary. It is the oldest, longest running marathon in the world, and it is the only one, other […]

Still paying back for a race just under the wire…

I crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon in 2013. It wasn’t the way I wanted to. I was wearing a white volunteer jacket with blue strips, pushing the yellow stretcher in the top right corner of the picture below, with three other volunteers. We were stopped briefly because the volunteer riding the rail […]

With God as my DJ, the songs I needed came on as if on cue

Marathoning is like a solitary journey into the deepest depths of a runner’s soul. When you are out on a course, it is just you and the road that lies ahead. The only resources you have are your body and your soul. You hope your mind will carry your body through the 26.2 miles you […]

The sheer exhilaration I felt at the finish line will never be topped

Running, for the longest time, was a casual thing for me: a hobby really, and nothing I thought would ever amount to much in my life. Certainly not something that would eventually lead me to a great city in the Northeast where accomplished runners gather every year for the most celebrated marathon in the world. […]

I mean I only had nine seconds to spare…

Running the Boston Marathon was not my goal as a runner. I didn’t start running with that on my mind. I was a tri-athlete in 2008 and had completed several sprints triathlons, Olympics, and one half Ironman. I wanted to do a full Ironman before the age of 50. To do that, I had to […]

Buddy, you are a WINNAH!

There are days in our lives we know our family and friends will mention at our funerals. Today is one of those days for me. The Boston Marathon experience is so incredible I could write 20 pages about it (and probably will at some point). There is one critical point I want to share now. […]

A run with my father

The Boston Marathon course runs through everything that is special to me in Boston. It runs through Natick, where my mom’s parents live. It runs through Wellesley, where my dad’s parents live and where both of my parents grew up. In Newton it runs through the rowdy stretch of Commonwealth Avenue that is Boston College, […]