From Chasing the Family Station Wagon to the Quarter Century Club

My eleven siblings and I were raised on a dairy farm in Reedsville, Wisconsin, by awesome, hard-working parents. Quite often instead of us taking the bus home, our Mom or Pa would pick us up from school in our old Ford station wagon, so we could get milking chores started earlier. In 1964 when I was […]

Nothing in my life will ever come close to this marathon!

“So, how was Boston?” I have been asked that question by just about everyone since we got back home from Massachusetts. It only makes sense. I had not run Boston since 2008. Outside of the Marine Corps Marathon and the Walt Disney Marathon, I had done nothing under the current 3:05 qualifying standard. I registered […]

Beauty from ashes. That is what I witnessed in Boston

That’s the first thought that comes to my mind when I reflect on the past weekend. Just. Wow. I ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. My seventh marathon – my second Boston. And yet it felt like a new experience – like nothing else I’ve ever done. I can still hear the cheers. See the faces. […]