Andrea looked over at me and said “What a view we have!”

If you had asked me in early March if I was going to be running the Boston Marathon, I would have replied with a “maybe.” Because of a minor four week setback with my calf, at that point my training was not near where I had planned to be. I was running again, but with […]

“Just go straight up the stairs to the right.”

In 1982, I was 25 years old. I qualified for The Boston Marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December of 1981, with a time of 3:05. (I had run one marathon before White Rock, the New Orleans Marathon, also in 1981.) When I received my results booklet after Dallas (these printed results came […]

From Chasing the Family Station Wagon to the Quarter Century Club

My eleven siblings and I were raised on a dairy farm in Reedsville, Wisconsin, by awesome, hard-working parents. Quite often instead of us taking the bus home, our Mom or Pa would pick us up from school in our old Ford station wagon, so we could get milking chores started earlier. In 1964 when I was […]

Running as the Bona Fide #14285

Though the 2014 Boston was not my “A” race of spring and I hadn’t been training specifically for a marathon, I’d been excited about it for weeks… First, it’s the Boston Marathon! Second, I had really strong feelings about running after being there and seeing the tragedy unfold the year before. And third, I would be running […]

Boston makes you stand taller, breath deeper, and run faster

Running the Boston Marathon was an incredible experience. Being part of a 118-year old tradition was both amazing and emotional. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in Paris in April 2013, a week before the bombings happened in Boston. I was still determined to be a participant in 2014. I arrived in Boston on the Saturday before […]

Finally, a BQ at Boston

Megan Kretz

Brian and I hit the road early Sunday morning for the 3.5 hour drive to Boston. The drive was uneventful, and before long we were checking in to the hotel and making our way to the expo by 11:00am. The expo itself was a madhouse. There were so many people crammed into the space it […]

Remembering Happy Moments That Cannot Be Taken Away

Like many others, I sat down to write my race recap a couple of times in the immediate days after the race. It’s hard to write about something that forced you to feel so many conflicting emotions. I went to write one sentence and then slowly deleted it, thinking “Is that what I really want […]

In the last two miles, it finally sank in I was going to finish this marathon

Any story of Boston 2012 has to begin with the weather. Runners anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard were well aware of the brutally hot weather forecast for Monday, April 16th. At first I thought was playing a cruel April Fool’s joke on us – 89 degrees and sunny in mid April?! I’ve run three […]