Three Boston Medals

In 2006, I visited my doctor weighing 104kg. With medicated high blood pressure, dangerously high cholesterol, and a shocking liver reading, I was on a path to destruction! I started my own butchery business at the age of 19, and that was the end of my exercise years until 2006. That day the doctor told […]

“The joy is in the journey: Boston is the reward.”

I started running to lose baby weight with a 2001 New Year’s resolution. My goal was to lose the last 10 or 20 pounds from my second pregnancy. I initially used running as a tool to see how ‘small’ I could get. I truly believe running saved me. One day after an eight mile run, […]

Easier than hunting game in Zimbabwe…

I would consider myself a rookie compared to many other guys and gals on this site, but I’ll tell my story as well. Boston was only my second marathon. I had qualified with my first 26.2 mile race, even though barely making it in after running a 3:09:50! But for Boston, I had set a […]

Rewarded by the Smile on the Face of my Biggest Fan

My journey as a runner began in 2004, when a group of friends challenged my husband and me to train with them to run a half marathon. Until then, I had logged many miles as a race walker. Since I’m always up for a new challenge, the training began and I transitioned from being a […]