“The joy is in the journey: Boston is the reward.”

I started running to lose baby weight with a 2001 New Year’s resolution. My goal was to lose the last 10 or 20 pounds from my second pregnancy. I initially used running as a tool to see how ‘small’ I could get. I truly believe running saved me. One day after an eight mile run, […]

I Have Unfinished Business in 2014…

My Journey started on a very good day, as I was blessed to qualify in my very first marathon, September 2012, at Presque Isle, Lake Erie, PA, running a 3:52:00, three minutes under my BQ time of 3:55. At age 60, I was the oldest runner from Shelby County to run the 2013 Boston Marathon. […]

My legs were screaming to stop, but my brain wouldn’t listen

I am a practicing physician in southwest Tennessee’s Hardin County, and live in a small community just north of Corinth, Mississippi. I started running seriously later in life, and over an eight year period worked my way up from 5k’s to marathons. I first ran Boston in 2011, after qualifying in 2010. I thought I […]

The sweetest e-mail a marathoner could hope for

Most of the stories on BostonLog.com concentrate on a runner’s effort to qualify for Boston and the personal experiences of race day. This story is unusual, as it concerns a happy ending four months later… Today I received the sweetest e-mail a marathoner could hope for. For four months I told everyone I had finished […]

Buddy, you are a WINNAH!

There are days in our lives we know our family and friends will mention at our funerals. Today is one of those days for me. The Boston Marathon experience is so incredible I could write 20 pages about it (and probably will at some point). There is one critical point I want to share now. […]

“Run with endurance the race set before us…”

On Sunday night before THE MARATHON, I set the alarm in the hotel for 5:20 eastern time, got a wake up call, and set the alarm on my BlackBerry. I slept surprisingly well…. But I still woke before five (which is before four at home). I meticulously set out all my gear on Sunday night. […]

Putting off Boston until Age 65 (not to mention quadruple by-pass surgery)

I began my running program at age 39; I am almost 71 at present. I have competed in almost 1,000 races, and have logged close to 60,000 miles. As a competitive runner, I have participated in races from the Carolinas to California, and Rhode Island to Florida, as well as Canada. In 2004, my annual […]