“Am I in marathon heaven?”

What can I say about the Boston Marathon? “It lives up to its reputation,” that’s what. This is my second trip, the first being in 2005. After my successful (!), but painful (!), California International Marathon in Sacramento back in December, I had decided I wanted to just run, not race, Boston. Don’t know when […]

An Eater’s Guide to Marathon Weekend

My running life began when I joined my high school’s track team in January of 2000. I had never run before and thought I might be a shotput/ discus/ javelin thrower or jumper. After it became clear I lacked any sense of coordination, my coach decided I should try sprinting. My first races were the […]

Smiling because I can

In October 2007, I had just completed my fourth marathon in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 3:43, which was so close to a BQ I could almost taste it! I didn’t feel great throughout the whole training program, but blamed it on being a single parent and aging. Low and behold, by December 2007, I was […]

Drinking Beer, Kissing Wellesley Women and Abstract Journeys

In one sense this was 26.2 mile journey. In another it was a three-day weekend. In yet another sense it started in 1994 when I finished my first marathon and I realized that I had never tested my physical limits. And in another sense the journey started in 7th grade when I ground to a […]

“Run with endurance the race set before us…”

On Sunday night before THE MARATHON, I set the alarm in the hotel for 5:20 eastern time, got a wake up call, and set the alarm on my BlackBerry. I slept surprisingly well…. But I still woke before five (which is before four at home). I meticulously set out all my gear on Sunday night. […]