“Just go straight up the stairs to the right.”

In 1982, I was 25 years old. I qualified for The Boston Marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December of 1981, with a time of 3:05. (I had run one marathon before White Rock, the New Orleans Marathon, also in 1981.) When I received my results booklet after Dallas (these printed results came […]

Drawing Life-long Strength from Boston

As I recollect my memories of the Boston Marathon and how I came to run it, it is much like writing my own obituary, because it rises to the top, like the perfect foam on a Guinness beer. That is to say, with great joy, comfort and humor, this race helped shape the person I […]

“Am I in marathon heaven?”

What can I say about the Boston Marathon? “It lives up to its reputation,” that’s what. This is my second trip, the first being in 2005. After my successful (!), but painful (!), California International Marathon in Sacramento back in December, I had decided I wanted to just run, not race, Boston. Don’t know when […]

The sound of the bombs from the news went off in my head all night

It’s been more than a year since I ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and I am finally writing my story — before it’s too late and I forget. I have been running marathons since 2001, when I ran the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. I have since run more than a dozen or so […]

Thank you, Boston, for your strength, perseverance, beauty, and grace

Just about anything I say will not do it any justice. But let me try…again. Amazing support. The BAA kept in perfect contact with us through the final crazy month and few last weeks. Their information content was right on and they repeated very important items. Volunteers realized what they were in for and they […]

Back at the hotel, our phones went wild!

My new boss called me on Monday evening to make sure I was OK. After I told him Kathy and I were not harmed or immediately affected by the blasts, he left me with a final statement/ directive that really took a while to sink in. He said, “Be sure to look after the Mrs. […]

Not Ready for the Kenyan JV Team

It’s three days to the Patriots’ Day holiday, or more correctly, Marathon Day. I head down to the convention center to pick up my official number and information packet. There are about 23,000 people signed up to run, but few show up right at the opening and the volunteers process us smoothly and quickly. Naturally […]