A Year Like No Other

As I rode the bus from the Boston Common out the starting line for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon on the third Monday in April 2014, I thought how this journey had actually begun a full eight years earlier. I ran my first Boston Marathon in 2007, having qualified the prior May in […]

Homeless In Hopkinton

The first person I spoke to from Hopkinton, Massachusetts the eve of the Boston Marathon was a cop. My good friend and running mate, Greg Heilers, had just dropped me off at the corner of Main and Grove Street in Hopkinton at about 6:30 PM. As I opened the passenger door to his rental Kia, […]

My Boston #16: Calmly, the waitress asked, “Was that thunder?”

After a bounce-back effort that erased the previous year’s “epic failure” in the heat plagued race of 2012, and posted a satisfying 3:04:13, Joe Muldowney and his wife settled into the nearby Legal Sea Foods restaurant for a celebratory meal. In Running Shorts – The Blog: A near-daily running blog from a veteran runner, the Veteran […]

Enjoying the Doug White Special

I can run? For the first 55 years of my life, I had no idea why people would want to run along roads when bikes and cars were available. OK, I admit it, I am a science geek. In grade school I was absolutely useless at sports. While classmates focused on ball games, a lazy […]

Spectators felt as strongly as the runners about reclaiming the race

I last ran Boston (my second time) in 2009, and had no plans to return any time soon. But when the bombs went off in 2013, so did something inside just about anybody who cares about running and the Boston Marathon. The thought of the pain inflicted on innocent bystanders, the sport of distance running, […]

Still paying back for a race just under the wire…

I crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon in 2013. It wasn’t the way I wanted to. I was wearing a white volunteer jacket with blue strips, pushing the yellow stretcher in the top right corner of the picture below, with three other volunteers. We were stopped briefly because the volunteer riding the rail […]

This Boston Was “Tutu” Memorable To Ever Forget

Glance at my photos from the 118th Boston Marathon and you might mistake the smiling runner in the frilly outfit for a crazy old man who slipped on the getup as a last-minute stunt to simply gain publicity. But the deafening cheers I received during my 26.2-mile race from the hallowed grounds of Hopkinton to […]

“Thank you so much for helping our city heal!”

The Boston Marathon is special for its steep history, its fabled point-to-point course, the many well-known landmarks along the route and the great runners who have worn the champion’s olive wreath. This Boston though, will be remembered for those who never ran a step. Spring was slow returning to Boston for the 118th running of […]