My Boston #16: Calmly, the waitress asked, “Was that thunder?”

After a bounce-back effort that erased the previous year’s “epic failure” in the heat plagued race of 2012, and posted a satisfying 3:04:13, Joe Muldowney and his wife settled into the nearby Legal Sea Foods restaurant for a celebratory meal. In Running Shorts – The Blog: A near-daily running blog from a veteran runner, the Veteran […]

A continuous clap and a constant roar

On April 15, 1996, the world’s oldest marathon was about to become the world’s largest marathon. But it wasn’t going to be easy. The northeastern United States had experienced its snowiest winter on record, and simply because the calendar read “April” meant little to Mother Nature, who pursued her relentless polar assault into the middle […]

Someone steals my thunder

The Fenway Hotel was about a mile from the finish line, but it may as well have been a thousand miles away. On blistered feet, space blanket covering my body, which was caked with dried sweat, I shuffled back to the hotel, spent and exhausted having completed my first Boston Marathon. The unicorn medal, bearing […]