Spectators felt as strongly as the runners about reclaiming the race

I last ran Boston (my second time) in 2009, and had no plans to return any time soon. But when the bombs went off in 2013, so did something inside just about anybody who cares about running and the Boston Marathon. The thought of the pain inflicted on innocent bystanders, the sport of distance running, and the city of Boston, was unbearable.

Most people understand what Boston means to runners. It is our Super Bowl, a world running convention. I’m not sure, however, if those who haven’t experienced it, or do not come from New England, realize how important the race is to the people there. Families gather in their yards for an all-day party to cheer runners along the course as it winds through small towns along the route.

Any runner who has experienced the love from Boston wanted to give Boston its race back. And the best way to do that was to join them again on Patriots Day. And run.

Bob Young
Mesa, Arizona
April 21, 2014
Age – 55
Bib # 15033

[Bob Young is an Explore Arizona reporter for The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com, avid runner, wind-hating cyclist and lousy swimmer. So he not only joined 36,000 other runners as a city and a running community took back their day, he covered the event for his readers in the Phoenix area. See his complete article “Runners take back Boston” here.]