Ode to the 121st Boston Marathon ♥

Because there’s no way I could describe what it was like to experience Boston, I won’t even try. Instead, I’m just going to say “Thank You.” Thank you to mother nature for providing a day that was, though not ideal for runners, perfect for spectators and volunteers. Thank you to the Boston Police Department for […]

26.2 mile of kissing the earth with my feet: The Hula Man does Boston

There were so many memorable moments about my running of the 104th Boston Marathon I could write an entire volume. Boston is one of the best cities in the US and we loved it. We arrived at our Bed and Breakfast five blocks from the finish line late Thursday and spent the night resting. When […]

Spectators felt as strongly as the runners about reclaiming the race

I last ran Boston (my second time) in 2009, and had no plans to return any time soon. But when the bombs went off in 2013, so did something inside just about anybody who cares about running and the Boston Marathon. The thought of the pain inflicted on innocent bystanders, the sport of distance running, […]

A Runner’s Story of 26.13 Miles

Of course, if you asked, I could have told you hundreds of ways I thought my story would play out, but never did I imagine an ending as tragic as this. As we all know, this day that was supposed to be of joy and celebration became a day where running a marathon was of […]