Andrea looked over at me and said “What a view we have!”

If you had asked me in early March if I was going to be running the Boston Marathon, I would have replied with a “maybe.” Because of a minor four week setback with my calf, at that point my training was not near where I had planned to be. I was running again, but with […]

Two Bostons with Weather Extremes

I ran my first marathon in October 2013 at the Detroit Free Press marathon. First of all, I couldn’t believe I was going to complete a marathon. It seemed so recently when running just one mile seemed like an eternity. I really didn’t have a particular goal except to finish. I thought it would be great if I could get […]

For the rest of my earthly life I can say I am a Boston Marathon finisher

After six months of fundraising and training, the time finally arrived to make my way to the Bay State to run the 119th Boston Marathon. Training for this marathon wasn’t easy. I fought a tight hamstring the whole training period and was worried how it would feel the day of the race. Would I be […]

Exercising My Soul as a Boston Marathon Guide for the Visually Impaired

Like most avid marathon runners, I’ve always dreamed of running the most prestigious marathon race in the world: the Boston Marathon. I first qualified when I was a medical student nearly eleven years ago, but was afraid of requesting time off from my third-year clinical rotations to run it. For the following ten years I’ve […]

In a Photo Finish with Selfie-Guy

It took me a long time to complete this story. Partly because of finding the time to write it. Partly because I wasn’t ready to let it go, and putting it down “on paper” seemed to make it final. My first time in Boston! What a beautiful city! Steve and I drove from Ottawa, and […]

How could I be giving so much, yet running so slow?

After running back-to-back 2:58:30s in 2013 and 2014, I had set my sights squarely on going under 2:55 at Boston. However, I crossed the finish line on Boylston four minutes slower, not faster. I feel weird saying this, but I’m not as upset as you might think. Clearly, that was not the race I had […]

Achieving a Major Goal, Even at a Shuffle

Where do I even begin to try to start with a race that has been several years in the making? After qualifying in 2013 for the 2014 Boston Marathon with a 3:13:33 at the “Last Chance for Boston” (after battling back from stress fractures in both legs), I missed getting into the race by eleven […]

“Against the Wind, we were runnin’ against the wind…”

“Against the wind/ We were runnin’ against the wind/ We were young and strong, we were runnin’/ Against the wind…” -Bob Seger My heart sank when I saw the weather forecast. It’s silly of course because the weather is something we cannot control (although the report did make me pack my warm Hoka hat, which […]

Charting my race versus plan

“Life is just a place to spend time between races.” — George Sheehan, Running & Being: The Total Experience I completed my third Boston Marathon in 2:48:32. This was just over a minute faster than my time in 2014. It was my eighth marathon PR, my fifth PR of the year, and my 12th PR since turning […]