The Happy Swallow

It all started several years earlier when I read an article in one of the Boston newspapers about how patrons of The Happy Swallow bar in Framingham would cheer wildly for the first marathon runner to come off the course near Mile 7 and enter the bar. Then the owner would give that runner a […]

#1993 in 1993: Making Your Will Exceed Your Skill

Ah, Boston on Patriot’s Day… You can see most anything, like that man on stilts I caught on camera next to Fenway. The morning begins with the Marathon way out of town, even beyond Ashland, and certainly a long way from the Prudential Center. And then at 11:00am there is the annual Patriot’s Day game— […]

Back to Boston: My breakfast becomes a DNF

I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to take part in the Boston Marathon for the second straight year. In 2015, I posted a 3:44:27 at less than 100 percent. Fortunately, I still had a qualifying time to get me in for this year. Despite breaking my foot in August, I patiently worked my […]

Achieving a Major Goal, Even at a Shuffle

Where do I even begin to try to start with a race that has been several years in the making? After qualifying in 2013 for the 2014 Boston Marathon with a 3:13:33 at the “Last Chance for Boston” (after battling back from stress fractures in both legs), I missed getting into the race by eleven […]

A second chance to be someone special

The question I get asked more than anything is “why do you run?” I am sure as runners we have all had that question asked a million times. It’s a basic question, but I don’t think anyone can give a simple answer. In my case it is definitely not an easy answer. I started running […]