“I don’t know if I want to get off the bus.”

“A little bit of rain. A little bit of wind…” [After navigating through some of the toughest conditions the race has ever seen, Jolie Hales posted this video which captures the true feel of her first experience running the Boston Marathon.] Jolie Hales Age – 36 Tustin, California Bib # 18450 4:43:08

The Inferno

To race in the Boston Marathon, you need to run a qualifying marathon faster than a “qualifying time” which depends on your sex and your age (unless you agree to raise lots of money for approved charities). I just squeaked in with a qualifying time, so of course I had to race it. My goal […]

Exercising My Soul as a Boston Marathon Guide for the Visually Impaired

Like most avid marathon runners, I’ve always dreamed of running the most prestigious marathon race in the world: the Boston Marathon. I first qualified when I was a medical student nearly eleven years ago, but was afraid of requesting time off from my third-year clinical rotations to run it. For the following ten years I’ve […]

“My road back to Boston went through Ventura”

As a college student in the city, I made running the Boston Marathon for a charity team a before-graduation goal. On April 16, 2007, I checked that goal off the list, and in the process caught the marathon bug. 4:25:31. My very first marathon. I remember being in tears. Tears of accomplishment, yes; but mostly […]

Why are they rerouting the course this close to the finish line?

I did not start running until I was 48 years old. I decided I would run one marathon, just to see if I could do it. So I ran the Santa Barbara Marathon in 2010 at the age of 54 and finished it in 4:11:10. Not a BQ time (4:00:00), but I was elated with […]

A Run of One’s Own

I fell in love with the Boston Marathon in 1964. I was running through the woods with the neighborhood dogs when I first saw it. For me, running was a form of communion with nature and a way to rejoin my mind and body. Hardly anyone ran back then. But I just love to run. […]