Sheila McDaniel, 31
Aliso Viejo, California
April 15, 2013

While the experience was forever changed by the 27th mile, no one can take away the first 26

Everyone warned me to go out slow, so I did. The first mile was an 8:23 or so; and I stood in awe at all of the people running and all of the people cheering.

The weather was perfect, the crowds were fantastic and mile by mile, I continued to be awed by the unending screams, cheers, posters, high fives and offers of cold beer from the people of Boston.  I stopped watching the watch, and started soaking the experience right up.

I wove from side to side on the course high fiving little kids on the sideline, I found new friends to talk to, I talked to old friends I bumped into on the course (not kidding), I bantered with people holding humorous posters, I stopped to kiss a girl in Wellesley, and suddenly I was halfway there, running my 5k splits between 8:11 and 8:16.

Sheila McDaniel
Aliso Viejo, California
April 15, 2013
Age – 31
Bib # 15072


Sheila McDaniel’s running career began in kindergarten with a 100 yard dash win at the ripe old age of five. After some time away, she is once again in a serious relationship with running. During her time off, she collected “three amazing, ridiculously silly and always active boys” and jumped back into her career full-time. Her blog “Striding Mom/ Taking each day one stride at a time!” examines the artistry of balancing parenting, working and running. Her full story of her 2013 Boston may be found there.