I saw a spectator with a sign that may be my all-time favorite. It read, “High five if you’re just doing this for the pizza.” I gave her a high five. It’s like she knows me.

After two miles, we reached an aid station. I was so thirsty my throat felt bone dry. I drank both water and Gatorade. After that, there were aid stations every mile. I drank more than one cup at several of them, but I always felt thirsty. It was that kind of day…

At seven miles, I took a drink of water and accidentally splashed some of it on my face. As the water dripped into my mouth, it tasted salty. Yeah, I was sweating.

David Holmen
Eagan, Minnesota
Age – 55
Bib # 19125

[David Holmen has been running marathons since 1983 and ultramarathons since 1998: “I’m not an elite athlete, but I train hard, and I race hard. I try to race as often as I can, while still striving to do my best in each race. I also use races as an opportunity to travel to different places and meet other runners.” He wrote this account of his sixth consecutive Boston Marathon (seventh overall) on his blogspot Goal-Oriented Runner. Because of a recent back injury, which cost a lot of training time, and from which he was still not fully recovered, he went into the 2017 race with low expectations.]

Post-Race Pizza.