Buddy, you are a WINNAH!

There are days in our lives we know our family and friends will mention at our funerals. Today is one of those days for me.

The Boston Marathon experience is so incredible I could write 20 pages about it (and probably will at some point). There is one critical point I want to share now.

The race went just as I had planned. I was able to stay dead on an 8:00 minute pace through 30k, even with three bathroom pit stops. At 30k, I felt great and started obsessing about running well below a 3:30. That goal became all-consuming for several miles. I looked at my watch constantly. The race suddenly became all about me and my finish time.

Just past mile 20, a lady crashed in front of me. She went down hard. I ran over to her and asked if she was okay. She didn’t respond. I lifted her up and carried her to the side of the road. Then a spectator and I carried her a quarter mile or so to the medical tent.

The spectator who helped kept looking at me and saying in a strong Boston accent, “Buddy, you are a WINNAH.”

Isn’t it funny how the good Lord puts the proper perspective in front of us. Our call in life is to put others first and to lift each other up and fight the self-centeredness that is always lurking. THANKS BE TO GOD!

I want to thank you for the cheers, support and kind words.

Brad Box
Jackson, Tennessee
April 18, 2011
Age – 42
Bib # 7827

[Brad sent this short email from his iPhone on the day of the race.]