“America’s Good Luck Charm”

In July 1978, I finished third in the Grandfather Mountain Marathon (described as “among the most strenuous marathons in the nation”), just barely reaching my goal of under three hours. As I circled toward the finish line on the track at the Southern Highland Games, I was certain I was in fourth place. However, way […]

Between the Blasts: A retired judge describes the finish line terror

A total of 23,336 runners started the 2013 Boston Marathon, with 17,580 finishing. In the next few days, the Associated Press analyzed images and data including the finishing times recorded by chips on competitors’ bibs, to pinpoint some of the runners who were in the finish line area when the bombs went off. First published […]

Putting off Boston until Age 65 (not to mention quadruple by-pass surgery)

I began my running program at age 39; I am almost 71 at present. I have competed in almost 1,000 races, and have logged close to 60,000 miles. As a competitive runner, I have participated in races from the Carolinas to California, and Rhode Island to Florida, as well as Canada. In 2004, my annual […]

This trip was all about the weather and it plagued us the entire time

It took me a dozen years to get to Boston the first time. Then it took another 12 years to get back for my second. I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 1978. After that, I continued running marathons, but I limited them to one per year. I would run, cut back to maintenance […]