One Red Grape

You could see it coming: An early spring heat wave, making its way from the Great Plains eastward across the central United States. The unseasonable weather spared neither north nor south as it baked its way across the country. With only a week to go before the start of the 116th Boston Marathon, BAA warnings […]

Never Got To Make The Last Two Turns

“Right on Hereford, left on Boylston” – that’s what was written on the T-shirt Kenneth Williams decided to wear to the Boston Marathon. Those are the last two turns of the race, and Williams was just about to make that right turn on Hereford when the bomb went off on Boylston. “I saw smoke and […]

“One and Done, I Thought!!!” – Kenneth Williams (April 22, 1991)

I began running in 1977, just after returning from a trip where I met a guy who had “run a marathon.” That sounded like a neat thing to do, so I decided I’d like to try it. I had no running experience, other than trying to prepare for high school football, a sport I participated […]