It’s only after you tell yourself you can’t that it becomes true.

Running in the elite women’s start—an opportunity I’ve never had before—was one of the things that made me most eager to run Boston again, despite the poor buildup… There is an obvious downside to a women’s-only start: with only about sixty women and obviously no men, you may find yourself alone pretty early.

At Pittsburgh and Richmond I ran alone for most of the way; I wasn’t scared to run alone at Boston. If anything, I told myself if I was alone, the whole crowd would be cheering for me.


Teal Burrell
Richmond, Virginia
April 17, 2019
Age – 33
Bib # F43


[“Miles to the Trials by Runner Teal” tracks Teal Burrell’s path from an inauspicious first 4:07 marathon to two Olympic Trials and three Bostons. The full account of her 2019 Boston can be found here.]